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Mechanical Predictive Maintenance Programs


Your Mechanical Predictive Maintenance Experts

SMI promotes Predictive Maintenance vs. Preventative Maintenance. All machinery will eventually break, that’s a fact no matter how many preventative measures you take. Predictions are only as good as the information presented. Predictive information is gathered through reoccurring inspections and the knowledge of the equipment manufacturer's component inspection and replacement schedule.


SMI’s Predictive Maintenance Schedule is custom-tailored to the specific needs of the equipment, or Mechanical Systems which includes the following:


  • Frequent Vibration Analysis & Reporting

  • Shaft Endplay & Alignment Inspection

  • Scheduled Oil Filter Replacement

  • Piping and Valve Inspections

  • Thermal Imaging & Reporting

  • Ammonia Sensor Calibration

  • Valve Repacking

  • Inspection of Mechanical Insulation

  • Frequent Oil Analysis & Reporting

  • Scheduled Bearing Lubrication

  • Pressure and Temperature Calibration

  • Mechanical Seal Inspection

  • Scheduled Teardown & Inspection

  • Plate & Frame HX Gasketing

  • Valve Package Leak Inspections

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